Karl Kandt

Successfully played the role the Kansas State University’s Assistant Director of Career and Employment Services and has also formerly served US Army as Reserve Officer, Karl Kandt is one person, who inspires the people with this dynamic spirit. After serving with his hardworking, he has returned to the family ranch and farm. Karl Kandt has served about 20 years in various different departments including:


  1. Kansas State University
  2. Emporia State University
  3. Wichita State University

He earned a lot of experience, from various departments at different posts. The journey of his career was started by presenting at statewide workshops for high school and college counselors and by performing the best performance. He reached to serve the universities. He has played the role of:


  1. Co-coordinator of Kansas Delegation
  2. Chairs of Special Projects Committee at Kansas Association
  3. Athletic Student Services Department’s Academic Coordinator
  4. Admission Counselor
  5. Assistant of The Director of the Office of Student Financial Aid
  6. Associate Director of the office of Undergraduate Admissions
  7. Coordinator of Student Recruitment

These are not limited to the above-mentioned post. He also used to work with the students of College of Architecture, Planning and Design and the college of Arts and Sciences and defines the career options, skill development, etc.


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